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Gifts That Give

For 10 years, the Geneva National Foundation has been committed

to supporting our neighbors with special needs. We respond to

grant requests for everything from wheelchairs, guide dogs and

karate classes to playground and tumbling equipment, occupational

therapy and summer camp.


This year, we'd like to shine our heartlight on one of our county's

special service providers, Whitewater's Studio 84.  Last year,

we issued a $6,000 grant to the community art studio to be used

over three years in order to keep class fees affordable and to pro-

vide for art materials -- including the facility's new slab roller for

smoothing clay.


Adults with special needs are often forgotten -- but not at Studio 84,

where founder and director Deborah Blackwell replaces television

time with hope-filled canvases and negative thoughts with creative



"For many, this is the first time in their lives that they get to make all the decisions about what is happening -- choosing materials, colors and placement.  It's amazingly powerful," notes Studio 84 founder and director Deborah Blackwell.  "One student was working on a series of small mono prints of faces, stopped what she was doing and exclaimed, 'These are all my own ideas! These came from me!' It is these types of realizations that keep us going."


If you are looking for a unique gift, we invite you to paint a smile on someone's face with the gift of quality time for an adult with special needs at Studio 84.  Just $50 covers eight hours of art instruction and supplies.


To designate funds for Studio 84 time, simple donate online or over the phone by calling 262-245-7065.  Please call or email to let us know that your donation is earmarked for Studio 84 as well as to order a card to give in lieu of a gift, if you made a donation in someone's honor.


Thank you for your support and giving heart! 





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