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Wheel of Fortune

‪‎Geneva National Foundation‬ purchased this tumbling wheel for the Williams Bay-based Bayside Athletics, which offers tumbling classes and a cheer team for those with physical or developmental disabilities.

“Many of the disabled do not have the same stabilizers we do, so we use the tumbling wheel to develop core stability and balance, and in doing so, boost confidence," says Bayside's founder Jessica Viss. "One of my 16-year-old austic students used to say 'I can't' seven times before she would try something new. Halfway through the session, she started saying 'I can' instead."

For those stepping up to help like Viss, whose programs are totally dependant on volunteers and donations, Geneva National Foundation's visionary support makes all the difference. "We couldn't have this equipment without someone believing in it," says Viss, "and we couldn't have a program without it."

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