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An Artistic Display of Talent

Whitewater-based Studio 84, Inc., recently received a $6,000 grant for art supplies, including this slab roller for ceramics.

"For many, this is the first time in their lives that they get to make all the decisions about what is happening -- choosing materials, colors and placement," says Studio 84 director Deborah Blackwell. "It's amazingly powerful."

​"One student was working on a series of small mono prints of faces, stopped what she was doing and exclaimed, 'These all came from me! These are all my own ideas! It is these types of realizations that keep us going."

If you are in downtown Whitewater, stop by Studio 84, which has a small Center Street boutique of student's artwork for sale, including notecards, paintings and jewelry. In addition, Blackwell often has an exhibit featuring an artist's collection of works, created at Studio 84. Best of all, you may see some artists in action!

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